Why do I need to buy the "Start Up" Package? You will require the instructions included in order to successfully print on the wood veneer. Without them you would definitely have problems and most likely not end up with a piece of printed veneer having a permanent and accurate image. I'm also offering ongoing hints, tips, application updates and periodically a printable image for projects. By charging a small amount over the actual cost of the veneer included in the "Start Up" package I am hoping to recoup some of the money that I have spent on research and development in addition to some of the money spent on bringing this product to market. Will the veneer work in "my" printer? Unfortunately I can't guarantee how this veneer will be handled, utilized or how you will use your printer with this material. In theory, if you follow the instructions, it should work with most printers that have a single sheet feed tray and capable of printing on card stock. Most card stock is about .008" to .010" thick. This wood veneer is about .011" to .012" thick. I will do my best to support you by answering your questions. There is no way I could test each and every laser printer that has been made or ever will be made. Will the veneer damage my printer? I can only say I have ran MANY sheets through more than a few different printers with no damages to any of the printers that I have used. I have done my best to make the instructions as clear as possible and will do my best to answer your questions. Will using this wood veneer void my printers warrantee? I would have to say yes. If you have something go wrong while printing on the wood veneer whether it was caused by the veneer or not and if you tell the printer company that you were "printing on wood veneer" I'm pretty sure they will tell you that they will not repair the printer even if the printer is under warrantee. Do you recommend any specific printers? I first want to mention that I personally do NOT sell ANY printers. I have for my own purposes used and still am using an HP LaserJet 5, an HP LaserJet 5500. I was testing a Lexmark C540N Color Laser Printer. It worked very well and I liked it and with a MSRP of only $349.00 I would consider it a good buy. I also have some supplemental instructions for the Lexmark C540N color printer so just ask for them if you need them. I've just bought and am now using a Lexmark C544N. It's the next step up from the C540N. It can hold larger cartridges and a few other advantages is the reason I bought the C544N. I received a report from a reliable source that the veneer works well in Okidata printers. After doing some testing he stated the laser printable veneer should be compatible with the Okidata 6000, 6050, 6100 and 6150 laser printers. Do I have to use a color laser printer? No. You can get some very nice printed pieces by using just black and gray images. Quality black and gray images look very rich especially on the cherry wood veneer. Click here to see some of the samples I've done on my labels page. You can also buy used black only laser printers at some very reasonable prices. Just make sure it has the capability of printing on card stock. I still use my HP LaserJet 5N regularly. Do I need any "special" software to use this veneer? No. You will need which ever software use choose to create, manipulate and print the images you want. If you need some advice on software for graphic purposes feel free to contact me. I will mention that I am also an "Authorized Corel Draw Training Partner". The Corel Draw Graphics Suite is a complete graphics software solution for both vector and bitmap image creation, modification and manipulation. Is 8 1/2" x11" the only available sheet size? I can have 8 1/2" x 14" and 11" x 17" sheets made up in quantities. Contact me for pricing. What kind of glue or adhesive can I use with this veneer? The veneer has a paper backing. Most any kind of glue or adhesive that works with paper should work. I would suggest you do some testing based on your specific requirements. I would strongly suggest you try a sample project before doing any final project. Will this veneer work in inkjet printers? NO - I also developed and own the patent for SMartGRAIN® inkjet printable wood veneer, the only specially treated wood veneer made specifically for inkjet printers. If there are any other FAQ's you would like to see here feel free to contact me.

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